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Council Meeting 7th June 2023


Appendix A – Minutes of the Council Meeting on 8th March

Appendix B – Minutes of the Annual Council on 17th May

Appendix C – Co-option Policy

Appendix C(1) – Co-option Pack 2023

Appendix D – Code of Conduct

Appendix E – Business Continuity & Council Risk Management Plan

Appendix F – Statement of Internal Control

Appendix G – Annual Internal Audit Report

Appendix H – Annual Governance Statement

Appendix I – Approval of Accounting Statement

Appendix J – Mayoral Activities

Appendix K – Minutes of the Planning Committee 14th March

Appendix L – Minutes of the Community & Heritage 29th March

Appendix M – Minutes of the Planning Committee 4th April

Appendix N – Minutes of the Planning Committee 25th April